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The Workforce for Entry Level Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution has drastically changed in America.  The days of young people graduating High School, seeking or competing for these Jobs are over in America.

We have a Solution.  We have identified and have successfully placed hundreds of workers who appreciate these jobs, these individuals perform at high levels and honestly appreciate the opportunity.

We have spent years working with transitional individuals, we have identified training and educational programs that are preparing individuals for a second chance in life.  Identifying the best candidates is a very time consuming process, consisting of testing, three step interview process and background investigations verifying and explaining past issues.

We have two programs that we are specializing in placing these individuals within strong companies who will accept these people and encourage them to succeed.

Please call (616) 432-4899 we will help develop a low cost ZERO Risk program that will help your Company and help the Greater Good within the Community.

***60 day No Risk*** If the employee does not make it to day 60 of employment you owe us nothing for that employee. Restrictions and conditions apply.

Program 1

Qualified Workers Available

Candidate Profile:

  • Local Permanent Residence

  • Has Personal Transportation

  • Verified Work History

  • Pass required Background Requirements

Fee Structure:

Direct Hire or Temp Available

***Employee must Complete 60 days

of employment for us to earn our fee, restrictions and conditions apply.

Program 2


Transportation Program:

Transitional employees available, we provide 24/7, 100% on time Transportation for this group.

This group of employees are highly motivated to reclaim their lives and provide for their families, we provide auto and housing contributions to these employees who work at least 90 days in our Program.

Call for pricing and availability for these programs:

Call – (616) 432-4899

Email –

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